Asilidae collection Fritz Geller-Grimm (COGG)

Genera - Types - Nearctic region
Neotropical region - Palearctic region - Afrotripical region
Oriental region - Australasien & Oceanian region -

You can search for species and ask me for photographs, which are not available in a public collection in your neighbourhood. Please do not forget the great deal of time. I would like to thank Martin Hauser and Milan Hradský for their help.
The material is:

  • collected by different entomologists, especially Martin Hauser
  • exchanged with other dipterists
  • offered as duplicates after determination
  • bought from Mr. Milan Hardský (COMH)
The collection contains several duplicates and I`m interested in exchanging, if possible.
The first object of my effort is a collection of photographs, which contains at least one species of each genus. So it will be easier to determine unknown species in the future..
A future deposition will be provided in a public collection.

last saved: Jul. 18 2002
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